Exclusive Leads

Why should you pay good money for the same business lead lists that go to 100s of others?

Most lead generation services sell their business opportunity lead lists to far too many clients in a particular sector. We don't.

As well, many lead generation services do not insist that their clients respect the confidentiality and exclusivity of the leads. So sales reps routinely swap leads with reps from other companies. Reps think they're ahead because they've got more leads to work with. But they're really shooting themselves in the foot, because wide distribution of the leads means tremendous overcalling of the identified prospects. The upshot is that all reps get a poor reception.

How does paying for the same business lead lists used by your competitors put you ahead of the competition? We drastically restrict the number of clients who can purchase our leads, and our agreements contain a confidentiality clause that we strictly enforce.

How are our leads different, and how does this help you?

Our business opportunity lead lists consist of exclusive leads. Others claim this, but only we specifically state what this means. This helps you in several ways:

  • You aren't going to be in a crowd, scrambling for the same business opportunities:

    Others just say their leads are "exclusive" whatever that means. But we specifically guarantee that only 2 companies per industry, to a maximum of 12 companies in all industries will receive our exclusive leads . We also enforce confidentiality to protect the exclusivity and viability of the leads we supply you.

  • Your exclusive leads are to companies about to buy:

    Relocating companies are companies about to buy. BMR intelligence gathering uncovers businesses for your industry/sector that are planning to move. Then we tell you about their moves at least 2 months in advance. This gives you lots of time to make a presentation and close the sale.

  • You'll contact the decision maker:

    You won't just get the name of a receptionist. We make sure that the contact name you receive is for a person directly involved in making the relevant purchasing decisions.

  • You can rely on the unequaled accuracy of our exclusive leads:

    At BMR we generate our business lead lists in our own in-house call center. We verify the accuracy of our leads in 3 different ways. We guarantee the information on our business opportunity lead lists was updated and confirmed accurate within 5 days of list distribution.

  • Leads to sizable businesses mean sizable sales for you:

    No companies on our business lead lists have under 10 employees, most have 10-80, and some even have 100 or more employees. Sizable leads mean sizable sales for you.

    Each lead contains direct contact information for the decision maker, if different from the main contact info. We also supply details on the upcoming move to help your sales reps. Our business opportunity lead lists will arrive by e-mail in two digital formats, one for easy printing and one for importing into your favorite software program.

  • Company
  • Address
  • City
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Move date
  • # Employees
  • Contact
  • SIC
  • Website
  • ABC Engineering
  • 1265 Lane Ave.
  • Houston, TX
  • 77002
  • 753-555-1211
  • 753-555-1212
  • End of July: have location
  • 68
  • Mr. Robert Smithe
  • Steele Instructural Engineering
  • www.abcengineering.com

How does this translate into increased sales for you?

As soon as you receive a business opportunity lead list from the BMR Sales Leads Program, your sales reps can and should spring into targeted action. The exclusive leads you receive are only to companies that will soon be needing your products or services. Your reps will contact a person directly involved in making the decision about buying your product or services you'll waste no time presenting to someone not involved in purchasing. This targeted action means that the same number of sales staff will close more sales in less time.

"I don't work as hard as I did before trying to drum up business, just smarter. Thanks for your service, it has helped us tremendously."
—Dean K., Dallas, Texas

For details on how our exclusive business lead lists can put you ahead of the competition, please contact us!


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