Lead Generation

Why should you use outsourced lead generation?

You could generate these leads yourself.

You could have your sales reps, with their specialized knowledge of your products and sector, spend hours on the phone, just to find out whether or not a business might be a potential customer. Or you could hire telemarketing reps and set up and supervise a phone room. Of course there's no guarantee they'd know what to ask to get the information you need, accurately and cost effectively.

Don't waste your time and money reinventing the wheel.

By subscribing to our outsourced lead generation program, you avoid wasting time and money trying to duplicate the results we already know how to produce more accurately and cost effectively. That is why our clients are sold on the advantages of our services.

Prove to yourself how outsourced lead generation can add to your bottom line.

BMR's month-to-month subscription structure means you can easily test our service without the risks of long-term commitment. We're confident that once you've fine-tuned your business development skills with us, you'll stay on to become a long-term client. To learn more about our approach to new business development, see Developing New Business.

Or you could have the specialists work for you.

We have been in the targeted sales lead generation business for years, and have a proven track record of truly qualified lead generation. We know exactly how to pin-point businesses that should be your customers, and we understand how to motivate our teleresearchers to produce accurate, usable results. Our experience and knowledge means we can generate better, more accurate qualified leads at lower cost to you.

Our sister company, SalesGen3_"the sales generator," is directly involved in new business development and appointment setting. We pass on their experience and techniques that are successfully used every day by companies similar to your own.


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