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You don't have time to find, develop, and manage leads. We do! Imagine focusing your efforts on leads you know are entering the buying process - without investing the money and time to find and verify them yourself. What an easy way to stay a huge step ahead of your competition!

____ What our Clients say ____

“We’re a well established telecom provider in the Houston area. Our marketing department makes over 400 calls a day to prospective clients utilizing many lists, but your leads have become the bench mark from which we judge other lead sources. I would highly recommend Bridge Marketing–to anyone looking to grow their business–as a source of reliable marketing leads to help grow or sustain your business plan.

As Marketing Director, I have found the prospects in the BMR list to be highly accurate in terms of move date, employee size, and contact information. I’ve also found Trudy to be a very trustworthy and helpful ally, and the cost of the list has proven well worth the investment in terms of returned revenue from generated sales.

We’re very satisfied with the quality of the leads and would recommend BMR. Bridge Marketing stands above its competitors in quality, reliability and price.”


Russell N., Marketing Director
Telecom, Houston

“I received a large job from one of my competitors from your list. It was stunning to say the least.”


David M., Minnesota

“It was only my second appointment from opportunities identified by Bridge Marketing Reports, but I was able to close this great opportunity!”


Jennifer A., Vancouver, BC

“We’ve written 4 new clients from your lists so far. We’re careful to edit out the ones we don’t want and to target just the customers that we know are good for us, both size and geography wise.

Our average order size is about $500 to $600 and we do manage to maintain a 30% margin except when the boss gives one of our cleaners some extra comp….which he does from time to time. We know it’s important to keep our good people.

We get calls from other lead services but we’ll be sticking with BMR Leads. ”


Janitorial Service, Minneapolis

“You told me the results won’t come the next day as these are not purchase orders and many of the moves are a few months down the road. But I made a nice large sale my second day with your leads. I can’t wait for the next batch. Thank you.”


Fred R., Dallas

“It would cost us upwards of $4,000 a month to generate what you guys do for us [for less than a tenth of that!]. Thank you so much for providing us with exactly what you advertise.”


Paul R., Minnesota

“I’ve purchased 3 consecutive monthly BMR lists and closed 4 cleaning contracts.

Two fall into our ideal model: Cleaning space over 15K square feet (one 57K square feet) with a 5 day/week frequency plus floor maintenance. The other two were less than 15K square feet, but still requested 5 day/week frequency.

Since we’re a new smaller company (less than 3 years and sales under $500K), these leads fit nicely into our marketing budget.

The telemarketer is part time, so she works our account about 10 hours per week. She likes the flexibility. I like the fact I don’t have to pay her full time sifting through thousands of worthless leads, and sending me on appointments that are a complete waste of time. Most of the appointments are qualified and are not looking to waste their time or mine. The nice thing is that the appointments are usually working within a time constraint; they’re moving in the near future. We have a good chance to make our proposal and close business in a timely manner. It’s a good fit for us.”


Janitorial Service, Dallas

“I don't work as hard as I did before trying to drum up business, just smarter. Thanks for your service, it has helped us tremendously.”


Dean K., Dallas, Texas

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