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The nitty-gritty of sales leads telemarketing: Why outsourcing the telemarketing process is your best option

Most lead generation services sell their business opportunity lead lists to far too many clients in a particular sector. We don't.

If your top sales reps do the cold calling they'll waste most of their time contacting that 95% of businesses that simply aren't in the market for your products or services. And these reps are your best—and most costly—resource when it comes to generating and closing sales.

So you could hire telemarketers at entry-level salaries and have them qualify the leads first. Start-up costs are a significant challenge. Would it really pay you to set up a phone room, and then hire, train, and supervise telemarketing staff? Can you ensure they'd have the experience and expertise needed to accurately qualify the leads?

And what about when your telemarketers do find qualified sales leads that are planning to relocate and are in the market for your products or services? Remember, these telemarketers aren't your "star" sales reps. Are you confident that if they try to close sales themselves they won't bungle the job, costing you your best opportunities to close sales with new customers?

Alternately, your telemarketers could make appointments for your sales reps to call back the qualified business leads they've identified. But this means lost momentum. You risk having the lead lose interest.

So, outsourcing your sales leads telemarketing is the best solution. We are experts at accurately pre-qualifying contacts before calling them. Then our experienced teleresearchers go through the process of qualifying the leads, and determining who the decision-maker is.

So your business can make its valuable first impression on the qualified lead when one of your top sales reps directly contacts a responsible decision maker. What a great introduction, and what an efficient and effective use of your sales rep's time!

A word on our unique working methods: Standard practice in the industry

Most companies generating business relocation leads remunerate their telemarketers using quota-based incentives. This rewards telemarketers for finding "positive" answers, for reporting that the companies contacted are going to relocate.

You can imagine the bias this creates. Despite the best-designed telemarketing script and strategy, telemarketers may give verbal cues or depart from the script. This indirectly prompts their contacts to give positive answers. In this situation even well-intentioned supervision and validation isn't enough, and the accuracy of most relocation leads is only about 35%.

The BMR Leads vision—and advantage

The key to the extraordinary results BMR Leads gets is our unique method of managing, motivating, and retaining our teleresearchers.

Our payment structure is radically different. We reward our teleresearchers for the accuracy of the information they record, not just for getting the answer, "Yes, we will be relocating." Our teleresearchers are rewarded—not penalized—for accurately determining, for example, that a lead will not be relocating.

Our pay structure rewards honesty and accuracy, not false positive results. This, together with call monitoring and other proprietary methods, means we can guarantee the accuracy of our leads. You reps won't waste time calling, and repeat calling, dead-end leads. They'll concentrate their time and energy closing sales with viable leads.

Our work environment has another benefit for you. Our teleresearchers thrive in the healthy competition fostered by our pay structure and personnel practices. We retain our experienced and capable staff, avoiding the staff turnover that plagues nearly all telemarketing lead services. So our teleresearchers become more experienced, and even more expert at efficiently and accurately qualifying leads for you. This positive feedback is why we can offer you such high quality so affordably.

Wouldn't you like to have this positive feedback adding to your bottom line?

For details on how our sales leads telemarketing expertise can mean more sales for you, please contact us!


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